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What is Warcore? (2022 New)

Ray Best Jun 21, 2023

I remember a few years ago when techwear was not as well known as it is now, when techwear became almost an all-encompassing thing, and the terms of many different styles were confusing. But now you will find that many different communities/hashtags have appeared on social networks such as reddit/ins and techwear at that time, and some people are trying to use different attributes to explain the differences between them, but it is always No one can clearly explain the difference between them, so I would like to take this opportunity to analyze in detail about the aesthetic sub-genre of warcore.

What is Warcore?

It can be seen that Warcore has gained attention since 2017 and 2018, and it may be known that it is used to describe the high fashion brands that have begun to openly incorporate military elements in their designs. Using military inspiration is nothing new in fashion circles. For example, the most famous collections, like RAF Simmons during the 2001 riots, have obvious military references to the explosion-proof collection. From jewelry to hats and chest rigs are not too different in aesthetics. These accessories were liked by other brands at a similar time, like a cold wall adding more overt military details. Essentially we're talking about garments that are bigger and more visible with military-inspired patterns from luxury fashion brands. Understandably, this real match comes from the perception that it is commodifying and, more seriously, glorifying war. But this time the military clothing trend has more underground like warcore, like terrorwave and milspo were being used on imageboards like 4chan to share images of military inspired. Unlike real military gear, now warcore has entered street style, all black outfits are paired with accessories key clips leg holsters chest rigs plate carriers all of these things are used in abundance.

Obviously warcore is a key part of those techwear labels in 2021. However, as these warcore accessories have attracted much attention, the basic clothing they match has also begun to change. From overalls to jackets, they have changed from a more branded simple tone to a more common future military or utilitarian. ideological vision. Although it has the price of fast fashion, its quality is no longer guaranteed. (PS: exists to guarantee its quality.)


Warcore and techwear are very similar in terms of aesthetic design concepts, and the design with a strong sense of technology is often reminiscent of the hero and heroine in science fiction movies. Dressed in black and matched with a few accessories, it appeared on a rainy night full of neon lights, opening a rescue against unfairness and injustice. However, there is a big lack of functionality in Warcore clothing. It focuses more on fashion. We can see many fans of warcore post their photos on major social media networks. It can be concluded that streamers and multi-functional Pockets, as well as technology and other elements are the core performance of warcore clothing. But as you know, these elements don't have any function in essence, they exist more for aesthetics, although people can understand the design of warcore close to tactical, but do not think that the fabric of its clothing is reliable .

Warcore Fashion represents a bold attempt in clothing design and a collision with tradition, while Techwear shoulders the mission of achieving the ultimate in technology and functionality.

After all, warcore and techwear are the same thing to some extent, but the form and performance in specific reality are different. So you can wear warcore clothing with confidence and do whatever you want.

Where to Buy Warcore Clothes?

There are a lot of clothing sites that sell Warcore right now, but most of them are good and bad mixed up.

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