Flared Cargo Pants

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Flared cargo pants are a unique combination of two popular styles: cargo pants and flared trousers.


These pants feature the characteristic cargo pant design with multiple pockets and a utilitarian aesthetic, combined with a flared leg silhouette.

The flared leg of these pants begins to widen below the knee, gradually expanding towards the hem. The flare can vary in width, ranging from subtle to dramatic, depending on the specific design. This style is reminiscent of the popular flared trousers from the 1970s but incorporates the practicality and functionality of cargo pants.

Like traditional cargo pants, flared cargo pants typically have large pockets on the sides of the legs, offering storage space for various items. The waistband can be adjustable and may include additional detailing like belt loops or drawstrings.

Flared cargo pants are versatile and can be styled in different ways. They can be paired with fitted or loose tops, such as T-shirts, blouses, or crop tops, depending on the desired aesthetic. These pants can create a retro-inspired look when combined with vintage or bohemian pieces, or they can be integrated into a contemporary streetwear style.

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