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Our Techwear Jackets provides high-performance clothing that can protect you from various factors and enhance your outfit with a unique style.


The Techwear Jacket That Suits You

The techwear jacket is the cornerstone of all techwear clothing. The two most common techwear jackets on the market: "hard shell" and "soft shell."

Hardshell Techwear Jackets

They are made of water-repellent, waterproof, windproof, and breathable elements (depending on the basic technology). This techwear jacket is also equipped with a bottom layer, which can be disassembled according to the situation. These jackets use a different range of fabrics, which gives them a certain degree of rigidity. Whether it's urban styling or sports use, the hard shell can satisfy you.

When do you need a Hardshell Techwear Jacket?

  • Outdoor activities in harsh climates require a Hardshell Jacket.
  • In outdoor activities with changing climates, you need to prepare a Hardshell Jacket.
  • When traveling for a long time, when the route and environment are uncertain, you can prepare a Hardshell Jacket.

In what situations do you not need a Hardshell Techwear Jacket?

  • Indoor activities.
  • Predictable wind and sunny outdoor activities.
  • For short trips and light outdoors, it is more convenient and comfortable to bring an umbrella or foldable raincoat.
  • For short-distance outdoor activities, the environmental conditions can be estimated, and the combination of soft shell, raincoat, skin windbreaker, and ordinary sports jacket can be used instead of the windbreaker.
  • In various special outdoor activities, professional clothing may be better, such as ski suits for skiing, sailing suits for sailing, and climbing jackets for rock climbing.
  • Prioritize the purchase of more important gear when other more important gear (like shoes and backpacks) are not yet available.

What are the fabrics of the Hardshell Techwear Jacket?

  • eVent
  • Others

GORE-TEX: The first is the GORE-TEX fabric from the famous Gore Company. The middle layer of this fabric is a microporous filter membrane using ePTFE, which has both Waterproof/Windproof/Breathable properties. And the outer layer and the inner lining are combined with this film to form a typical three-layer structure.

Most of the top brands of techwear jackets on the market will use this fabric more often.

eVent: In addition to GORE, there are also eVent fabrics from BHA Altair, which are also widely used and also use ePTFE film technology.

Different from GORE, the GORE film is added with a PU (polyurethane) layer to prevent damage from body oils and detergents, but the problem is that GORE needs to accumulate a certain amount of moisture inside, so that the inside and outside reach a certain temperature and humidity pressure difference. Only after that began to breathe.

Others: In addition to fabric companies, many garment companies' own fabrics are mostly film or coating technology. Films are superior to coatings in terms of performance and durability.

H2No (film) from Patagonia (PATA, Patagonia);

>PreCip (coating) and MemBrain (film) for Marmot (marmot);

Omni-Tech of Columbia;

The HyVent (coating) of The North Face (TNF, the north face) and the upgraded DryVent;

Simple and crude summary: GORE-TEX is the safest choice.

Softshell Techwear Jacket

The difference with the hardshell jacket is rigidity. Here, the jacket is much softer. They are lighter and give you a certain freedom of movement. They are certainly not so waterproof but provide greater comfort. If you wear a techwear jacket for the first time, you will love a softshell jacket.

Compared to Hardshell Techwear Jackets:

  • Softshell Jacket material is soft, free movement, more comfortable touch;
  • Softshell Jacket is warmer, the fabric is thick, and many are lined with fleece;
  • Softshell Jacket has less noise during activity, and the softer the fabric, the less noise. This is easily overlooked, but it is very important in actual use. Some Hardshell Jackets are the same as plastic cloth, and the sound is very annoying. There is no such burden when wearing Softshell Jackets;
  • The appearance of Softshell Jacket can be close to that of non-functional jackets, and some product designs can be suitable for urban wear;
  • Softshell Jacket is less waterproof than hardshell and better breathable than Hardshell Jacket. However, the existing fabrics are starting to be waterproof, and the future trend must be fusion.

When do you need a Softshell Techwear Jacket?

  • In outdoor activities with changeable climate environment, Softshell Jacket can be used as the main jacket to adapt to most application scenarios (hiking, mountaineering, camping, running, cycling, fishing, rock climbing, skiing, long-distance travel, etc.) In many scenarios although Softshell Jacket is not the most professional choice, but it can also meet most of the functional requirements.
  • Autumn and winter urban wear, windproof and warm.

Features of Men's and Women's Techwear Jackets

Highlight the key features of men's and women's techwear jackets, such as waterproof materials, breathability, and temperature regulation. Provide examples of brands that offer these jackets and their specific features.

Difference between Men's and Women's Techwear Jackets

Discuss the main differences between men's and women's techwear jackets, such as fit, style, and color options. Mention some unisex options that are available for those who prefer a more gender-neutral look.

These jackets offer various styles such as sports, military, urban, or "urban ninjas" with Asian inspiration. All our jackets are unisex, suitable for both men and women.

She wore a high-tech jacket, bold and innovative, showing a sense of future and comfort.

A must-have item for all seasons, it can be perfectly matched with a cool-season techwear hoodie or a mid-season techwear t-shirt.

The Best Techwear Jacket

All unique garments in the appearance of high-tech clothes are based on outerwear. Our techwear jackets are waterproof, durable, and specially designed for sports, preferably wrapped in neutral colors and equipped with zippers.

Choose the best techwear jacket made of high-tech fabrics and designed for ultimate functionality.

Most Popular Colors for Techwear Jacket

Techwear jackets typically come in a range of colors, but some of the most popular colors for techwear jackets include:

  • Black Techwear jackets - Black is a classic color that's versatile and easy to match with other clothing. It also has a sleek and futuristic look that fits well with the techwear aesthetic.
  • Dark gray Techwear jackets - Dark gray is another popular color for techwear jackets. It has a similarly versatile and futuristic look to black but is slightly less intense. It may be a good option for those who find all-black outfits too stark.
  • Olive green Techwear jackets - Olive green is popular for outdoor and military-inspired techwear jackets. It's a muted, earthy color that can blend well with natural environments and has a rugged and practical look.
  • White Techwear jackets - White is a versatile color that works well for casual and more formal outfits. It's a classic color that's easy to match with other clothing and can have a more subtle and refined look than black or dark gray.

Ultimately, the best color for a techwear jacket will depend on your personal style, the other clothing items you plan to wear with it, and the specific setting or activity you'll be using it for.

X Has the Most Comprehensive Jacket:

  • Techwear Windbreaker
  • Techwear Bomber Jacket
  • Techwear Hoodie Jacket
  • Techwear Blazer
  • Techwear Athletic Jackets
  • Techwear Parka
  • Techwear Trench Coat

Materials for Practical and Stylish Jackets

For daily protection and comfort, the type of fabric used to make techwear jackets is different from ordinary textiles. Techwear jackets are made of technical materials resistant to tearing, abrasion, and other weather conditions.

These materials are combined into a multifunctional material with excellent thermal insulation or other environmental resistance from the essential GORE-TEX to the material combination. Waterproof fabrics (such as Lycra) are used to make techwear jackets designed for humid environments. Finally, parka coats and down jackets for techwear use wool and polyester or natural fiber fillers.

Unique Original Jackets Types and Designs That Match Your Style

From minimalism with lots of small details to quirky, unstructured, and asymmetrical coats, we offer a variety of techwear skins to suit your outfit of the day. Casual jackets or street jackets, each one has its unique tailoring. For example, the particular shape of a parka coat is easy to recognize.

Each model also has some fine details to prove its authenticity. We can take the example of cargo or tactical jackets that must be equipped with many pockets. Choose a coat that suits your style and function.

Pockets and Accessories of Techwear Jackets

The number and type of pockets are essential because they are essential for carrying necessary equipment such as mobile phones, wallets, and other accessories. The more pockets the jacket has, the more practical it is. The small bag on the arm is convenient. When the big breast pocket is already in use or wearing a bra as a supplement, it is inaccessible.

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