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Techwear is a kind of Clothing with both Functionality and Technological Aesthetics, which is born in line with the development of the cyberpunk network. The perfect combination of futurism and high-tech fabrics.



What is Techwear?

Techwear is a functional urban garment made from high-performance apparel materials. The fabrics are windproof, waterproof, breathable, lightweight, and warm, so they can easily cope in unstable urban environments.

It is precise because of the pursuit of wear resistance and functionality that Techwear also has an outdoor sports style. The three-dimensional modular pockets are probably the most prominent feature of existing techwear. Three-dimensional pockets can form a visual sense of expansion on the arms, chest, and outer thighs. Various pockets, buckles, zippers, and webbing are designed for easy portability and access to tools, so Techwear is more of a garment full of functionality and tech style.

At the same time, as the futuristic clothing trend of cyberpunk culture begins to prevail, people take the feeling of fighting as an emotion, integrate the visual symbols that the current clothing industry can provide, and start redesigning futuristic clothing.

Techwear Outfits feel like an urban mercenary. Techwear enthusiasts are better at cruising in the gorgeous midnight than most real mercenaries fighting in the wilderness. He wears a cyberpunk mask on his head, wears a functional hard shell, holds a samurai sword, and wears samurai pants and technical shoes.

What are the Features of Urban Techwear?

  • Constructed from an expensive high-performance fabric designed to resist wind, water and abrasion.
  • With portability and expandability, it is not limited to multi-pocket and MOLLE system.
  • Urban style is obvious, but also can be used as fashion clothing.

Why is Techwear so Popular?

Techwear comes from the Japanese "機能服" (きのふく). Its essence is to design clothing in a targeted manner according to the human body's structural characteristics, the limbs' range of motion, and the application scenarios.

Although the "history" of Techwear's rise is concise, this style of dressing, which is a hundred times tougher than Work Clothes, is deeply loved by trendy men. Techwear is full of dark and handsome, perfectly combining the outdoors and the trend. Strictly speaking, Techwear is a mix-and-match style, and elements such as military, outdoor, and tooling will be reflected in the clothing, which is very practical.

As mentioned above, Techwear has three very distinct styles:

Excellent Texture. There is a reason for the formation of this feature. Techwear has relatively high requirements for fabrics, at least to meet the effects of windproof, waterproof, breathable, lightweight, and warm, so functional wind clothing generally uses "technical fabrics," which are high-end fabrics. Excellent natural texture.

Functional. Techwear naturally has its tooling attributes. The design of various pockets, buckles, zippers, and webbing on clothes can make you hang tools all over your body. These designs are not only practical but also highly decorative, mainly conveying the aesthetic feeling. It's a sense of equipment and technology.

Full of Fashion. This feature can be understood as the "passive attribute" of Techwear Outfits; that is to say, even if you are not driving Techwear for being calm, as long as you go with this style, then the functional wind itself has a sense of the future and technology. It will make you look trendy.

It is precisely because Techwear can meet the needs of urban commuting and also has fashion attributes, it can be recognized and popular by everyone.

How Do I Get Started with Techwear?

In the past two years, with the impact of the epidemic, people have stayed at home for a long time, which has gradually increased people's demand for the outdoor in the post-epidemic era. Functional urban clothing satisfies people's imagination of the corresponding outdoor.

Many people learned about Techwear through ins, snap, and other SNS APPs. For this, we recommend you choose the right Techwear from several aspects:

  • Find out if you prefer Techwear or Darkwear: In IG, most of the hot tags for "techwear" are darkwear, a heavy waste style. Techwear is relatively simple and can meet the daily attendance wear. If you are still in school or a cosplay enthusiast, you can choose darkwear; if you are already working and want to wear it in daily life, then techwear is undoubtedly the right choice.
  • Determine your budget: If you're on a budget of $65-$200, we'd love to recommend brands like enshaodower, reindee lusion, silenstorm, nosucism, and X has them all. Usually, the price of Darkwear is lower than that of Techwear, which depends on personal needs.
  • Learn more on Reddit: if you are not sure what your needs are, you can go to Reddit for inspiration, you are sure to have surprises.

Women Techwear

Of course, girls can wear techwear. Judging from the excellent deconstruction characteristics of Techwear, exquisite tailoring can often transform some daily items into a unique side. For girls, it can also better outline their most worthy advantages.

In terms of details, some small accessories with a "Techwear" style can often become the finishing touch to a set of looks. If you feel your technique is not rich enough, add a multi-pocket pocket or some metal accessories to yourself, which can instantly kill the temperament.

Therefore, when girls wear technical clothes, they do not necessarily wear boys' clothes themselves. Techwear-x offers you many women's techwear to choose from, such as Women's Techwear Skirts, Women's Techwear Pants, Women's Techwear Jackets.

Can Fat People Wear Techwear?

Techwear clothing is not particularly picky. It is suitable for a wide range of people but has specific height requirements. A little taller (>170cm) is still ideal for supporting clothes. Friends who are a little broader and fatter can try large-sized, pretty-friendly items. The upper body effect is quite OK, but it is not recommended that overweight people try it, as the dressing impact will be deplorable.

Tech Wear vs. Techwear

What is Tech Wear?

The concept of tech wear was born earlier than techwear; Tech wear is a kind of functional work clothing, it embodies the progress of production technology in clothing. Many years ago, it was easy to associate it with functional clothing, which can meet the wearing needs of scientific researchers to deal with harsh environments, such as space, seabed, underground, and other fields full of location risks.

The Difference between Tech Wear and Techwear

Today, some people who have set foot in these fields still use tech wear to search for the functional clothing they need. Even if the search result is already fashionable clothing like "techwear."

We cannot deny that techwear is still a branch of tech wear. Techwear can be techwear, but techwear is not necessarily tech wear.

Taking the fashion attributes of techwear as an example, techwear can meet people's daily wearing needs, whether it is to work or school; at the same time, it also has essential functions such as waterproof and windproof as tech wear. Tech Wear takes these essential functions to the extreme to deal with various harsh environments.

Techwear vs. Cargo outfits

The essence of Techwear is a style of dressing that combines outdoor sports and fashion trends. At the same time, Cargo outfits are a clothing style that evolved from the workwear of American workers.

Techwear's clothing is primarily black and white, with exaggerated accessories. They are often matched with multi-functional pockets and tactical streamers and then with cyberpunk masks to create a urban ninja. At the same time, Techwear's clothing pays attention to the coexistence of design and functionality. Compared with Cargo outfits, it is more practical and stylish. In addition, Techwear is not suitable for everyone, like thin boys who are not ideal for functional style.

Cargo outfits are an essential branch of the American retro style. In the 18th and 19th centuries in the United States, many factories were in the United States. The work clothes worn by workers evolved into the famous Cargo outfits today. The colors of Cargo outfits are primarily green and brown. The clothing accessories are simple, the style is simple, and the style is distinct. The most obvious element is that the materials of the clothes are mainly durable and wear-resistant denim and canvas, and the types and lines of the dresses are relatively neat. Basically, a rectangular structure looks very neat and neat. In addition, Cargo outfits have a wide range of audiences. It has no restrictions on wearing age and body shape. Men, women, and children can try cargo outfits.

Techwear vs. Warcore

"Warcore is essentially taking the techwear idea and adding even more intense looking fashion into the grand scheme of things. - Uniden"

The above is a sentence from a Uniden blog that briefly explains the difference between Techwear and Warcore, but it still seems ambiguous. So, let me explain the difference between them from two aspects.

1. Occasion & Design

Techwear has a wider wearing scene: in school, in the company, in the outdoors, and anywhere you can imagine, techwear can be easily integrated into it, and it will not be defined as out of place. Because the core of Techwear is to use technical or functional fabrics to create a perfect set of adaptive armor to ensure that everything is natural, you will find that the design of techwear is not too exaggerated.

Techwear will often be as simple as a cloak with no bright spots and a neat suit so you will think it has no sense of design. But as the saying goes, the epee has no edge, and no design is the best design. In fact, there are many hidden pockets that you may not expect under the perfect armor of techwear.

Warcore integrates military style into fashionable clothing. The combination of various tactical accessories and dull tones set the tone of warcore tactics. Due to its strong military style, it will attract attention if you want to wear it for a walk in the public eye. So, if you want to be noticed, then warcore is for you. In terms of design, warcore will be more abundant than techwear. Warcore excels at using elements of tactical gear, like streamers and utility pockets, even if those things don't work for you.

It is because of this that we can clearly distinguish what warcore is. After all, the two points of appearance are already apparent.

2. Aesthetic Concept

The connotation of Techwear aesthetics is to maximize technology and practicality and build a cyberpunk clothing system that can be applied to reality. It will not be forgotten because of time, and the techwear system will only become more and more perfect.

Warcore is a fashion trend that carries the military style to the end. It cannot stand the scrutiny of time. One day, people will forget it.

What are the established Techwear Brands?


the most representative brand of techwear, its principal Errolson Hugh is Chinese-Canadian. He designed for some well-known outdoor brands in the 90s and early 00s and later developed the J1a-GT, released on the Internet in 2004 with good response. After that, he served as the designer of the Nike sub-brand ACG (the cooperation was terminated at the beginning of 2019) and the shadow project of the stone island sub-brand.

Many friends can't understand the name of the acronym clothes. Let me briefly say it here: Take J1a-GT as an example, J stands for jacket, which is the jacket. The beginning of the pants is P, short for pants. 1a is the product model. GT stands for the fabric used, an abbreviation for gore-tex material.

Nike Lab ACG

The earliest acg series, was created in the 1990s to benchmark TNF and other outdoor brands and was later frozen. Because of the fire of functional style, the price was restarted by Nike, and Errolson Hugh, the principal of Acronym, was appointed as the designer. After the cooperation with the principal of Acronym in 2019, it seems to have been picked out separately to establish a sub-series, which does not belong to Nike lab.

Stone Island

Stone Island shadow project, Jifeng Heavy Industry. I don't know much about these two brands, so I won't talk about them here.

The most important reason to choose techwear is functionality. Jackets and pants that are not windproof and waterproof are not called techwear. Zippers, quick-release buckles, and streamers are not called techwear if they are not practical. Many rookie who have just entered the pit will buy according to the coolness of the buckles and streamers aimpracticalnd take a lot of detours.

According to the principle of Acronym, techwear is functional first, and the second is the pursuit of beauty based on functionality.

If you like to wear hats, cold hats are recommended. Bucket hats are not very suitable for functional styles. Hard caps can consider Nike ACG and Jifeng Heavy Industry. Wolf can choose Nike lab ACG, Nike lab X MMW balaclava (easily regarded as terrorists or special forces), or Jiye Heavy Industry.


Techwear Shop Sites Reviews

Techwear Club - Score: ✨

After the domain name audit, we know techwear club was established in December 2020. It has terrible reviews on Trustpilot, primarily due to slow shipping times and poor-quality clothes. Using some tools, it can be seen that its advertising investment is also wildly exaggerated, and it is very active on facebook, google, and tiktok. But it is undeniable that I also learned about Techwear because of it. Today, I can clearly say that Techwear Club is actually a dropshipping website that sells some darkwear and gothic clothing under the name of techwear.

Techwear-outfits - Score: ✨✨

The only difference between Techwear-outfits and techwearclub is that Techwear-outfits are expensive. Trustpilot shows that most customers complain that it is too long in delivery and occasionally sends the wrong size. But in my eyes, Techwear-outfits is the real Darkwear/Warcore wear Shop. Although they use technology to show themselves in the number one position in search, the eyes of users are bright. If you like their clothing, I recommend you go to aliexpress and get the same clothing for half the price.

Techwear Store - Score: ✨✨

After inquiries, in fact, this website and Techwear-outfits are the same founder, so I will not go into details.

Nevstudio - Score: ✨✨

Nevstudio, like most techwear online shops, sells warcore, not real techwear. Its nature is closer to techwearclub, and it will choose to advertise to attract traffic to its own website. To the user, they are very worthless.

What Categories Do Techwear Jackets Include?

Techwear Windbreaker

Techwear Windbreaker will choose to release in the spring and autumn because the weather changes in line with the season; it is very suitable for resisting the cold or rain.

Techwear Windbreaker is generally made of waterproof and splash-proof fabric, also known as Technical Jackets, with solid outdoor properties. Of course, some manufacturers will not use technical materials to save costs, so we must know whether the product is waterproof when choosing the appropriate Techwear Windbreaker.

Techwear Bomber Jacket

Techwear Bomber Jackets borrows the design of Bomber Jackets, but its design is no longer exclusive to pilots. At the beginning of its birth, its main fabric was leather, designed to provide warmth and wind resistance in the coldest environments.

But now that technical fabrics are gradually being distributed to ordinary people, Techwear Bomber Jackets has slowly abandoned the use of original fabrics and replaced them with the latest technical fabrics. About to break through the original circle.

Techwear Blazer

Suppose you're a business person who thinks the traditional suit is too severe and lacks life or energy. In that case, the Techwear Blazer is the perfect alternative. Techwear Blazer combines tradition and technology and has a more advanced sense of the times without losing stability. What Blazer users are most concerned that their clothes are easily wrinkled and untidy. These problems can be solved by using technical fabrics.

Techwear Hoodie Jacket

The Hoodie Jackets we refer to here is a Drawstring on the lower edge of the hat. The ends are exposed on both sides of the neck to adjust the size of the hood's opening. Since Hoodie can cover a person's entire head and face, it is used by gangsters or bad guys in many film and television works. It can be seen that Hoodie Jackets originally had some bad attributes. Still, now the fashion circle with hundreds of flowers has always been open to visitors, so Hoodies Jackets eventually occupied a place. Techwear Hoodie Jacket is an innovation of fabric replacement and design based on the original.

Techwear Athletic Jacket

Techwear Jackets are generally referred to Techwear Athletic Jacket, also known as Techwear Sports Jacket. As its name suggests, it satisfies the most essential sports and outdoor attributes without lacking fashion elements. At present, the more popular techwear jackets on the market belong to Techwear Athletic Jacket.

Techwear Parka

Techwear Parka is also called Techwear Anorak. The prototype of the Parka is a cold and rainproof jacket invented by the Inuit. Its typical feature is that it will have a hood, and the length will be much longer than ordinary Jackets. Now that the functional needs are increasingly magnified, we know that all clothes can be made into Techwear, and Parka is no exception.

Techwear Trench Coat

The Trench Coat was originally a windproof jacket invented for British officers. It has now formed a fashion wave sweeping the world. Techwear Trench Coat is designed to provide the most basic windproof and waterproof needs and put scientific design into it. Common Techwear Trench Coat is double-breasted and occasionally a single-breasted design. The presence of button-type straps on its shoulders proves that it had a military purpose when it was invented.

Techwear Kimono

Techwear Kimono fuses traditional Japanese clothing with modern technological materials and designs. It combines the elegance and simplicity of a kimono with the function and performance of urban tech clothing.

What is Techwear Pants?

Techwear Pants is a general term for pants made of technical fabrics and functional. We can be divided into the following nine categories according to style or type:

Techwear Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants are also known as Combat Pants because they were initially designed for military use. It generally uses a loose version, with many additional three-dimensional pockets to hold various tools, suitable for work in harsh environments.

Techwear Cargo Pants magnifies the functional attributes. Cargo Pants using technical fabrics can more easily perform any risky activities, protect the body and create a more relaxed working environment.

Techwear Drop Crotch Pants

Drop Crotch Pants, also known as Low-crotch Pants, is a general term for pants with a natural sagging crotch. Its rise has been aided by the hip-hop wave, and the slouchy-looking trousers are gradually making their way to the streets. They already have a place in men's fashion.

Techwear Samurai Pants

Samurai Pants refers to Japanese samurai pants. The design is almost the same as Drop Crotch Pants, but its origin is historical. Samurai Pants usually use dark colors as the primary color, such as black and gray. Low-crotch exists to facilitate the user's good leg range of motion in performing tasks and hiding some small hidden weapons. So similar to Darkwear Ninja Clothing can also be worn.

Techwear Joggers

Techwear Joggers is still indistinguishable between Techwear clothing and techwear style clothing. There are many "Tchwear Pants" that are actually Darkwear Pants. They just use these pants to create an image of Darkwear Ninja without actual use connotation. Usually, Techwear Joggers will design removable calf parts to facilitate changing the working form in complex environments.

Techwear Harem Pants

Harem Pants refer to trousers with loose trousers. It was introduced by French fashion designers in 1910 to the concept of Western fashion. It has a solid Turkish style.

Techwear Shorts

Short is a general term for pants worn in the pelvic area. At first, only mature men could wear them. Later, women's shorts such as "Skorts" appeared. Most of the "techwear shorts" that currently exist on the Internet are not techwear. They only rely on a few pockets and streamers to incorporate themselves into Techwear Shorts, which must be unreasonable. The authentic Techwear Shorts must meet the core elements of Techwear: technical fabrics & functionality.

Techwear Tactical Pants

Many people would mistake Tactical pants for Cargo pants. Cargo Pants can be a type of Tactical Pants, but not all. When you take a closer look, you'll know that Tactical Pants are tailor-made for military operations. So Techwear Tactical Pants must be a kind of trousers that integrates the new design under the conditions of military needs.

Talk About What the Future Might Look Like for Tech Wear Style Clothing and How to Make it Better.

It is difficult to predict the future of techwear style apparel as it may depend on various factors, including technological advancements, fashion trends, and consumer needs and preferences. However, some potential developments in the field of tech apparel include the use of advanced materials that are more comfortable, breathable and durable than current fabrics.

As well as new technologies such as integrated, flexible displays, haptic feedback systems, and advanced heating and cooling systems will all affect its development.

Additionally, techwear-inspired clothing can be designed to be more versatile and customizable, allowing individuals to quickly adjust their clothing to suit different situations and environments.

To improve tech wear style clothing, designers and manufacturers could focus on creating functional and fashionable clothing. This could involve incorporating cutting-edge technologies that enhance the user experience while also considering the aesthetic appeal of the clothing.

Designers also could work to create more sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing, using materials and production processes that minimize waste and reduce the overall environmental impact of the clothing. And designers could strive to create clothing that is more accessible and affordable, ensuring that tech wear style clothing is not just a luxury fashion item but is available to a broader range of people.

About Techwear-x

Techwear-x is a techwear store established in January 2022. It provides reliable quality/affordable futuristic urban clothing to a wide range of techwear lovers. They can create the perfect cyberpunk outfits with the techwear we offer.

There are limits to what one person can do, but in this age of technological advancement, it's not surprising that someone can change some things on their own. R4y is so naive to think so.

The Origin of Techwear-X The original intention of R4y to create Techwear-X is straightforward, to let more people know and like Techwear.

He has an incomprehensible relationship with techwear because of his career development. In the past two years, he knows that mixed business people have distorted techwear for their interests, which has led to many people having a wrong perception of techwear—conflicted with his values. So he put down his current work and devoted himself to X.

He knew such a decision would affect his future life, but he did not regret it. Fighting for what you love should be the happiest thing. He only hopes that people can pass x and sincerely like techwear, and he also believes that techwear is the future.

How to Find Your Favorite Clothing at Techwear-x?

  • Keyword Search: If you are using a mobile phone, please click the magnifier next to the logo, and enter the keyword search to get the desired result.
  • Filter: On any collection page, you can click the filter button to expand new options, which include lists of styles/categories/brands.
  • Contact Customer Service: If you can't find the product you want in x, please go to the contact us page to contact customer service; we will try our best to provide you with any techwear you wish to.

X Offers You Real Techwear

X is an all-in-one techwear store, and you can find anything you can wear here. In all the sub-categories of techwear mentioned above, you can easily find them in the navigation, so that I won't go into details. Here, I especially recommend several star techwear for you.