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SILENSTORM, is the Techwear sub-brand of RL. Its Chinese character is "Shen Du", which is a Confucian moral cultivation method. The citation of this name is testament to the attitude of the brand's agent: cautious, conscious and respectful.


Because RL decentralizes its own design to the sub-brand Silenstorm, it is not difficult for us to find the shadow of RL from many Silenstorm clothing.

Why Establish SILENSTORM?

RL insists on using technical fabrics and architectural aesthetics to build a perfect Techwear system. Such ambitions make it difficult to control the cost and lead to high prices for clothing. Silenstorm perfectly inherits the design concept of RL, using cost-effective functional fabrics instead of technical fabrics, thereby reducing production costs, and thus obtaining such a new and competitive Techwear sub-brand.

SILENSTORM Brand Concept

Tech Clothing is Not Just Techwear


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