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What is Urban Warrior?


Everyone wants to be a family friend or even their hero.

When we were young, we watched too many war-themed novels and movies. Those heroes who saved their home/country/earth by themselves were idols we worshipped at that time, but heroes were not Warriors.

Warrior requires the ability to fight and defend yourself and your loved ones. It involves developing your character, living a life of honor and integrity, supporting those who cannot protect yourself, caring for the elderly and your family; in short, it involves serving others and perfecting your character. Many people seem to be confused by the literal definition of the word "Warrior." In most dictionaries, a literal meaning defines the term "Warrior" as a person trained or experienced in warfare.

Now that we grow up and live in this materialistic society, our childhood dreams are farther away from us, and this reinforced concrete city also binds our thoughts. And my definition of a true Warrior has the ability and will to protect himself, his friends, his family, and his ideals while living a life of honor, integrity, and according to his moral code, an unwavering dedication to the right things, and the search for the perfection of one's character.

Some say that Warrior seems to be drifting away from our lives. But I want to say that we are here to make ourselves, to create ourselves; we are Warrior, Urban Warrior.

If we have the qualities of Warrior, we might as well try to get a little closer and arm our advantages.

If we don't have the qualities of Warrior, we can still try to arm our advantages first, and we will believe that we will be the Urban Warrior.

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