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Brand Name Meaning

The Brand Leadership of Nosucism is named Cuson, he wanted to use his name as the brand name, but it did not pass the audit. Finally ended with ISM, which passed the audit unexpectedly.


NOSUCISM's Development Direction

Cuson wanted to be an experimental design company, in addition to the NOSUCISM brand, he could also help other brands do design. Even want to co-brand with brand factories or brand fabrics. He thinks this is a very meaningful thing. On the one hand, it can improve the brand influence of NOSUCISM, and on the other hand, it can accumulate resources.

NOSUCISM's Design Style

In the early days, NOSUCISM was inspired by Chinese elements and developed several Techwear styles with Chinese style. The tops will be Taoist robes, and the bottoms will be kung fu pants.

Today, Nosucism has gradually created techwear of its own style.

NOSUCISM's Best Seller of Techwear 

Nosucism Techwear Pants

3d Techwear Pants is a pair of pants designed by Nosucism in the early days. In fact, it draws on the design of many high-end Techwear brands, such as ACRNM, North Face, ACG. But it is undeniable that Nosucism uses a very unique concept to perfectly combine multiple pieces to create a successful Techwear Pants.

Nosucism Techwear Jackets

The Light Hooded Jacket is a retro Techwear jacket made of high-tech fabrics that are waterproof and scratch-resistant. Its fabric is waterproof and sunscreen, and the fabric is also very soft, so you don't have to worry about wearing it on rainy or snowy days. It's lined with high-quality fleece that's soft on the body.

Nosucism Techwear Shirts

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