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Bags and satchels have never been worn like this. Shoulder, waist bag or chest, have become essential accessories for the Techwear style.


What's A TECHWEAR Chest Bag?

The sling bag is a modern representative of practical accessories. As an excellent addition to the round appearance this season, the shoulder strap bag is also a valuable addition to ensure the safety of all your belongings. In addition to the black and dark aesthetic accessories represented by most Techwear chest bags, it is also equipped with traps, pockets, and compartments, which is a welcome feature.

The chest bag is the same as other bags. Its practicality and resistance make it what it is today, a genuine fashion accessory.

Bras are made of various materials and are a new fashion trend. Its design is inspired by military tactical jackets. The bra brings a unique touch to the Techwear outfit, both practical and original.

The bra has many storage bags of different sizes, easily storing your mobile phone, wallet, keys, etc. Explore our collection of chest bags, highlighting your Techwear outfit style. Its practicality and beauty make it a must-have bag to complete your urban Techwear.

You can also find our high-tech glove series that protect your hands from the cold in a stylish way.

How to Choose Your TECHWEAR Sling Bag?

TECHWEAR crossbody bag

This accessory will undoubtedly add an urban touch to your outfit, making it a must-have for urban Techwear outfits. However, techwear sling bags are available in various styles, with colors, prints, made of various materials, reflective breast rings...the colors and patterns are different, so you can easily adjust your bag according to your outfit .

To highlight the Gothic street style, choose a black chest ring with a chain to ensure an underground appearance. For functional Techwear, please choose a reflective chest ring to make you shine when you go out at night.

Chest bag storage capacity

The practicality of clothing and accessories is the key to the appearance of Techwear, and these chest bags are no exception. The bra is smaller and lighter than a backpack. It is the perfect accessory to carry necessities such as smartphones, wallets, keys, or sunglasses. Therefore, you must choose a bra with sufficient storage capacity to hold your personal belongings. Its rectangular design provides an incredible variety of pockets. Some models also have a modular structure with additional bags.

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