Acronym Brand Analysis (Part 1)

Ray Best Jun 21, 2023

I don't know when, the clothes of the trendy people have a few large pockets, and the fabric is waterproof and windproof. This also constitutes my first knowledge of functional wind. Still, when I learned about Acronym, the founder of the available brand, I found my own It's so ignorant. This issue introduces the brand Acronym!

Let go!

The principal, Errolson Hugh, was born in Canada. His parents are Chinese Jamaicans. His father is an architect, and his mother is an interior designer. He started to learn karate at the age of 10. His favourite is the Taoist suit because the Taoist case is comfortable and Can make various actions.

Before entering Ryerson University in 1989, he studied planes, architecture or fashion. In the end, he chose a style, and the reason was straightforward...

He met his girlfriend during college heI separated very early) and is also the current entrepreneurial partner Michaela Sachenbacher (currently still serving as the CEO of Acronym).

It was not until 1994 that Errolson Hugh and Michaela founded AcronymStudio to design outdoor sportswear or equipment for BurtonSnowboards, SportScheck, Arc'teryx and other clients. In this way, they accumulate experience and channels while doing other people's designs while thinking about their way out.

I want to mention here that there are two departments in Acronym, "ACRONYM GbR" specializes in accepting design orders from external customers. The other is "ACRONYM GmbH", responsible for the design of its brand. In the early days, they helped others to design more often.

Acronym means Acronym, which combines the first letter of related words and sentences into a new comment. Errolson Hugh believes that this word has the meaning of simplifying the complex. It is also a symbol of the evolution and development of the brand.

They designed a jacket for Burton that could be implanted with a Walkman player during this period. Users only need to touch the control panel on the jacket's sleeve to change the song or volume, winning the Best Invention Award of Time magazine 2002.

Hugh and Sachenbacher found themselves highly interested in sportswear and military technology in receiving orders. They decided to apply them to the design of daily clothing. However, due to the high cost, no one was willing to invest, but the two of them decided to make the product independently, so the next thing was born.

In 1999, they established Acronym (clothing line), which took three years. In 2002, they launched their first product: AcronymKit-1

This product is not a typical clothing release but a concept that is more like a game bundle. All products are in a box full of functionality and mystery.

Including jackets, bags, mixed soundtracks, and wearing instructions. It is limited to 120 seats, only sold "physically" in carefully selected stores such as Colette in Paris.

The entire product is time-consuming, high-cost, and minor in sales. This approach is not a commercial operation at all. Still, on the contrary, it establishes the brand's impression of "excellent product quality" and "strong design ability" in the minds of consumers.

Acronym is a design-oriented clothing brand with functional supremacy, unlike the previously introduced brands. As for appearance, it is only an additional aesthetic value. The critical point of the design is to give the clothing actual "function".

This is related to Errolson Hugh's experience. When he was little, he lived in Canada, and the winter was cold. The warmth and waterproofness of the clothing were more important than anything else. In addition, both his parents were designers, and his influence was not small.

So how much black technology is hidden in a simple jacket?

Acronym usually joins the Jacketsling system on the back of the jacket. The system is composed of elastic cords, Velcro and some buckles, allowing users to carry them on their backs when they are not wearing the coat, avoiding the trouble of holding them by hand.

Gravitypocket (gravity pocket) is the design of the bag inside the sleeve, which can hold a mobile phone or even eject items directly. One of Acronym's signature features, the idea comes from military sleeve pockets. You can either open the zipper pocket to fetch the object, or you can slide out through the object's gravity by unfastening the snap button.

The design of EscapeZip (quick release zipper) is designed to take off clothing in an emergency quickly. This design is also used on many jackets, most of which are set at the placket or the connection of the coat, to make it faster in daily life—disassembly of clothing or hats.

The technology of Soundforcelock is also an exclusive signature. A magnet is implanted in the neckline to hold the earphones to place the earphones quickly.

TecSys allows users to load the 3A series accessory bag developed by Acronym itself. This bag is hung on the garment and has a mechanical feel.

The products are handmade, and the materials are expensive. The final price is not approachable, but the brand never publicizes, and the team has no public relations or marketing. Consumers spend every penny on design, fabrics and tailoring. Superior.

But have you noticed that their product name is strange, so how do you recognize the product?

The initial letter refers to the item. For example, the first half of this J1L-GT is Jacket (P stands for pants J stands for jacket H stands for hat), 1 (model) L (grade). The GT behind is GORE-TEX®Pro (material) abbreviation of.

But not all products follow this logic, and some of them are not understood by me.

We can't look at Acronyms from the perspective of a fashion brand. It's more like a technological product. Some people joked that it really couldn't be worn without culture. The instructions alone have already made people heady, but it has also achieved its characteristics. And charm established its pure functional aesthetics.

At the end of this chapter, we will analyze the style and recognition in Acronym, so stay tuned! If you have any ideas, you can post back-end private messages. This is Zhang, a design agency that focuses on brand trends.