Techwear or Techwear Style? (Techwear vs Darkwear)

Ray Best Jun 21, 2023

Taking advantage of my spare time on the weekend, I will sit down and write this blog and talk about t and techwear or darkwear.

What is Techwear and Techwear Style(Darkwear)?

Regarding the explanation of techwear, many people have already given answers on the Internet. I want to answer from a website builder and dropshipping practitioner; chivalrously speaking, techwear is functional technical clothing with a new age. And what is the new century, and what does functionality refer to?

Perhaps at present, the most appropriate word for the new century is cyberpunk, which is based on the "combination of low-end life and high technology," has advanced science and technology, and then compare it with a certain degree of collapsed social structure. Utopian society. Cyberpunk usually uses novels and film, and television works as the carrier to present a powerful spiritual and visual impact to everyone. Common cyberpunk elements are hackers, virtual reality, AI, neon lights, contrast (advanced and backward coexist), leading technology, etc. All of these elements affected the development of techwear later.

The functionality of techwear is the core of tactical, creating designs that can adapt to multiple scenarios, so versatility is born.

So let's re-interpret techwear in the most succinct terms: garments that combine functionality with a perfect look.

And techwear style, or darkwear/warcore/streetwear, the topic that is often side by side is fashion, trends, and such words with fashion attributes. See another article for details, Inspires and Factions of Darkwear.

Since it is a style, it is more inclined to the trend, and it will inevitably cater to the public's aesthetics, so the functionality of techwear will be weakened here. No matter how many pockets on the body and how long the streamer is, it is only a cosmetic effect and has no practical significance.

Techwear VS Techwear Style(Darkwear)?

The typical representative brand of techwear is Acronym. Each piece of clothing is a high-end techwear designed in the most concise language and combined with high-tech materials. However, its relatively high price has raised the entry threshold of techwear a lot.

The techwear style has a place in cosplay and street fashion. It usually takes black as the primary color, plus multi-pocket/irregular elements/streamers and other elements to highlight the visual impact, without the need for technical materials to decorate the underlying core—reduced clothing costs.

So to sum up the core of the two are:

techwear: relatively high price, get creative design and functional fabrics to meet the needs of most scenes

techwear style: Relatively low price, get a modern method to meet the needs of specific scenarios.

Where to Buy Techwear and Techwear Style(Darkwear) Clothing?

In addition to the Acronym mentioned above, the more excellent techwear brands also have high-end brands such as Nike's ACG, stone island, and urban exploration. These brands already have a large scale and audience, and the logistics and receipt of their clothing are guaranteed.

In addition to the above brands, several more professional techwear brands have emerged in the past two years, including enshadower, float, Comback, and other niche brands. Their characteristics are relatively low price and high-quality fabrics, the main urban ninja. However, because its development scale and strategy differ from big international names, most primary audience countries are mainly East Asia.

There are already many websites on the Internet selling techwear style. However, because the elements that the audience likes are too uniform, the clothing of each website look the same, so the price war is their primary point of competition. But even so, there are still some websites that keep techwear style clothing at a higher price, such as techwear-outfits, techwear-faction, nevstudio, and other websites that rank higher in Google search results for techwear. The price of the same clothing on different websites is naturally different, but in fact, these websites are all dropshipping, and the quality and after-sales cannot be guaranteed.

What is the Significance of the Existence of Techwear-X?

Since high-end techwear is done by international brands, and emerging brands cannot reach people who need techwear due to their strategic issues, I am also fed up with the clothing quality and after-sales problems caused by dropshipping. So in response to this situation, my friends and I decided to create this website. I hope to help all new techwear enthusiasts collect the most cost-effective clothings in the world. There may still be the attribute of dropshipping, but we have our bottom line.

 We firmly:

 1. Only Earn 10% Profit Per Clothing.

 2. Each Clothings Goes Through Our Hands to Personally Detect Quality Problems.

 3. Choose the Fastest Courier Company to Ship.

 4. All Clothing Categories Can Participate In Return & Refund.

 5. The Last One: Meet the Needs of Techwear Fans and Accept Good Opinions.

Four hours passed, and finally came the end.

I'm Ray, the founder of techwear-x. If you agree and believe in our team, please reprint or leave a message to tell us!