The Ambition of Nosucism - Techwear Brand Interview

Evelyn Chen Jun 21, 2023

Founded in 2016, NOSUCISM, after 6 years of development, has successfully developed from an obscure niche brand to an excellent brand in the eyes of today's Techwear players. Whether it is a beginner who has not yet understood it in depth or a veteran who has already understood the various terms and items, NOSUCISM will be one of the brands they recommend to others.

Then, an in-depth understanding of a brand can be analyzed not only through the interpretation of its single products but also from the autobiography of its creator. Today in 2022, we found the principal of NOSUCISM, Cuson, and chatted with him. Talk about NOSUCISM and Techwear in his eyes.

Now we start our interview with Cuson, R is for me, C is for Cuson.

About the NOSUCISM 

R: Hello, Cuson! It is an honor to interview you. Since its establishment in 2016, NOSUCISM has gradually become one of the representative brands of techwear in China. So today, in 2022, you can now tell us about NOSUCISM in your eyes and in your future ideals. the NOSUCISM?

C: hello~R4y, NOSUCISM is still a child, and everything needs to be improved. Most of the concepts are still expressed in the form of single products. It is not even a brand, just like a project. The ideal state is that multiple people can help me deal with matters on the plane and the operation of e-commerce. In fact, I also have expectations in my mind. I hope that the subsequent plans can also be carried out smoothly so that I can spend more time developing more products.

R: Is NOSUCISM running alone, or does it work as a team? Can you briefly introduce your team and the current new product development process to me if there is a team?

C: At present, the prominent members of the team are only me and my deskmate during my study period. In addition, the members who cooperated in graphic design and vision are responsible for it. Before product development, we first conceive the product structure for the whole season and then carry out clothing design. Before designing, we will make the season prototype. After the basic version is ordered, we will carry out the development. After the style diagram is created, it will first communicate with the partner, delete unnecessary styles, and leave suitable techniques for production. However, some products have been developed that feel too dragging down the production progress and will give up display.

About Techwear Clothing of NOSUCISM 

R: We all know that NOSUCISM has been trying to use more high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Can you briefly talk about the criteria for selecting these materials and craftsmanship and the possibility of trying to use fabrics or craftsmanship in the future?

C: Fabric development will be adjusted according to the style. For example, some styles are suitable for soft fabrics, and some are ideal for relatively stiff materials. We will develop a composite fabric with polyester fiber at the bottom and knitted bottom in autumn and winter. I want to try a skin-friendly fabric because suit jackets in autumn and winter do not have a cover set. Now I am working with the factory on water repellent treatment for ready-to-wear garments and the process development for autumn and winter.

R: We know from the literature that Cuson is a fashion design and craftsmanship professional. He must have a unique understanding of clothing tailoring. In your opinion, what is the relationship between clothing tailoring and functional (Techwear) clothing? What about? How does Cuson strike a balance between comfort and functionality?

C: When the brand first started, some friends reported that some parts of the clothes were tight when wearing activities, so the face has been spending more effort on the shape, how to make it fit the human body and not feel uncomfortable during activities. It's something I've always been more concerned about. It is also the experience accumulated while learning the layout structure of outdoor and fashion brands and adding your own ideas to improve it. This is an exciting experimental process.

R: Is it possible for NOSUCISM to launch an experimental branch that escapes the mature design language in the future? How do you think today's functional (techwear) clothing should be defined? With the rapid development of technology today, what kind of techwear clothing will people need in the future?

C: The experimental line will definitely be done. It will produce some complicated styles and craftsmanship in small quantities. It is not to deliberately limit it. I hope to materialize the craftsmanship and style that I like.

About the OG of Techwear

R: A series of terms for functional clothing (techwear) are all imported words from abroad. So which functional clothing brands do you think have the most significant influence on you? For you, what is the relationship between military uniforms and functional clothing?

C: acronym/arcteryx/burton/the north face in no particular order. Before there was no commercially available functional clothing, the military uniforms we saw were actually the earliest functional clothing. The two products would have something in common, such as wear-resistant / water-repellent/flame retardant / comfortable for activities / functional pockets. After all, the origin of modern menswear is military uniforms.

R: After Errolson ended the partnership with NIKE LAB ACG, some people said, "Techwear is dead." What do you think of this remark, does "function" still maintain its original vitality?

C: Friends who say this should be because the brands they like have no style that can impress them. In my opinion, Arcteryx/burton/tnf has been doing it for so many years, and there are new innovations every year. No matter in fabrics or patterns, there are still many places worthy of reference and learning.

R: Due to the epidemic, the original new product release plan has been affected more or less, and some single products can only be postponed to the autumn and winter release, so can you tell us some information about these single products and autumn-winter new products??

C: We developed new fabrics to make suit jackets and then made further attempts on the items of the Scout series~ Some dyed items will be placed on the experimental branch, and the leather jackets from last year have been delayed. I hope this year can be used. Let's make leather~!

Outlook About NOSUCISM or Techwear

R: From 2016 to 2022, what do you think is the most impressive thing about NOSUCISM and Techwear?

C: Released in the autumn and winter of 2017, NOSUCISM was finally able to sell, break-even, and have funds to continue creating. During this period, I was most impressed by NIKE LAB ACG. The craftsmanship and design of their products in each season are excellent. Of course, Errolson Hugh's credit is indispensable for fashioning functional clothing into the public's field of vision.

R: Finally, is there anything you want to say to fans of NOSUCISM?

C: Thank you very much for your support~ We will continue to work hard!