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What is Grunge?

Grunge music emerged in the United States during an economic crisis, when many musicians could not afford new clothes. Instead, they would buy second-hand clothes from thrift stores.


Origin: Grunge first appeared in 1980, representing a certain rock and roll style. It is a mix of heavy metal and punk. It emerged in North America and is a symbol of the Seattle niche music circle. Some say that the return of rock and roll was due to a stormy, greasy, and heavy metal- and punk-influenced sound. This new sound was characterized by its stormy rhythms and plenty of guitar slaps.

Keywords for Grunge Outfits

This style of Grunge not only broadens the aesthetics of the music industry, but also establishes a new aesthetic system, and the trend and cultural influence it leads has continued to this day.

Style Keywords: Affordable, Mix and Match, Destruction, Casual.

This casual and uninhibited Grunge style has been out of the circle and returned to the forefront of the trend in recent years. The aesthetic changes reflected in this trend are also legendary through more well-known brands and designers.

Grunge's maverick can even be said to be a slightly rundown dress and its derivatives, which continue to express the tiredness of stereotyped culture.

Why Grunge Outfits Are Popular

The Harajuku clan in Japan has created its own unique style, blending traditional elements with a grunge attitude.

The mainstream becomes the mainstream because people generally have a set image of what is mainstream and what is not. Niche cultures often provide solutions to problems that the mainstream faces.

Just as denim was once a symbol of blue-collar workers, tied to physical labor, it is now a culture in fashion circles.

Cattle raising culture is becoming increasingly respected by people, and even becoming the first choice for many people to buy.

Spinoff of Grunge Outfits - Darkwear

The term "dilapidated" is becoming increasingly popular among trendsetters, leading to the birth of the "Remade" concept. This involves taking apart existing garments made from stock fabrics or ready-to-wear items, and creating something new and unique from them.

The split and reorganization is not only applied to physical installations. The Jiye Heavy Industry series that came into being has also transformed classic styles into new series with brand historical feelings.

The changes brought by the Grunge style will also be reflected in all aspects of various fields according to the characteristics of different eras.

This kind of change is also a change brought about by social concepts. "Use traces" and "dilapidated" are becoming a token of connection with the times, and more novel ideas are generated by being constantly quoted by other cultures.

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