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In cold weather, Techwear Poncho can significantly reduce the burden on climbers.


What is Techwear Poncho?

Techwear Poncho is a rain jacket suitable for outdoor mountaineering or marching. In cold weather, the technical Poncho can significantly reduce the burden on climbers. Techwear Poncho is usually woven from high-performance chemical fibers such as polyester or polyester fibers, which can effectively prevent rainwater from penetrating into the inside of clothes and protect the body.

How to Choose Techwear Poncho?

Generally speaking, brand companies will launch a variety of professional Techwear Poncho, and they have their own fixed sales channels, unlike those small companies that only produce a few Techwear Ponchos. In the international market, if you want to choose a better professional Techwear Poncho brand, you must consider its material, design, and response to the market. For example, we may have noticed that Techwear Poncho sales are steadily increasing, its methods are more and more diverse, and it is starting to enter the fashion bandwagon.

Techwear Poncho generally uses polyester, nylon, or nylon. The advantage of polyester is that its waterproofness is very prominent, and its wear resistance is also excellent;. However, nylon fabric is slightly inferior to other materials; it is also a lovely material. The disadvantage of nylon fabrics is that the durability is relatively poor; nylon is a new type of fabric newly developed in recent years. Because of its excellent heat resistance, light resistance, and other properties, it is widely used by athletes and outdoor leisure in various countries. Favored. In addition, try to choose Techwear Poncho produced by large manufacturers when purchasing. The price of such products is often higher than that of those more miniature well-known small workshops. There is also a high guarantee in terms of quality.

Techwear Poncho is generally heavy and stiff. When choosing, it is best to select those that are soft and not too heavy so as not to make the wearer feel uncomfortable. In addition, you should also pay attention to the material you choose, so as not to choose one that is not strong. The product. Techwear Ponchos are designed to fit, not too loose or tight for individuality. In addition, because most technical raincoats are made of polyester material, they may slip if it gets wet. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a style that is waterproof and easy to wash, so that even if it gets dirty, you can easily take it off your clothes. Also, Techwear Poncho is usually not clean, so you want to ensure you don't mix it with other garments, as this can lead to more bacteria.

Features of Techwear Poncho

1. Rainproof

Polyester fiber and other chemical fibers used by Techwear Poncho have waterproof functions. Still, their characteristics of absorbing rainwater determine that this material cannot be used in daily life indoors and outdoors, so it must be worn when going out on rainy days.

2. Breathable

Techwear Poncho absorbs rainwater, human sweat, and heat in addition to water. Therefore, a certain amount of breathable material must be added to the Poncho to ensure its internal air circulation and prevent skin damage.

3. Durability

Techwear Poncho is often in outdoor environments, so durability is essential. Suppose the number of times of use is too frequent. In that case, it will inevitably affect the practical life of the technical Poncho. If you often touch its appearance surface with your hands during use, it will also harm it.

4. Lightweight

The material of Techwear Poncho is generally thick and heavy. Still, many technology raincoats are very delicate and compact, so how to choose depends on the needs of consumers.

5. Keep Warm

the weather is cold in winter, and many people like to add a Techwear Poncho to keep warm when they go out, but this often makes its ventilation performance worse, so it is best to consult before buying.

6. Easy to Take Care of

Techwear Poncho can be roughly divided into two categories: one is made of chemical fibers such as polyester, so it may cause slippage after getting wet; the other is made of synthetic fibers such as nylon, This kind of material itself has a specific waterproof performance, but the moisture absorption and ventilation effect is lacking, so it is not suitable for long-term indoor use.

7. Sun protection

The sun is hot in summer, so many people choose to wear Techwear Poncho when they go out in hot weather to prevent sun exposure. However, because Techwear Poncho is usually made of polyester and other chemical fibers, it absorbs moisture and ultraviolet rays from the sun. If they are often exposed to the sun, they are easy to fade and age.

8. Preservation

Although Techwear Poncho can block ultraviolet rays because the material is not breathable, it is not conducive to the dissipation of humidity in the air and heat dissipation. Moreover, the famous science raincoat is produced from chemical fiber raw materials, so its durability cannot be effectively improved. If it is not placed correctly, its service life will soon end.

9. Safety

Techwear Poncho is mainly made of chemical fiber raw materials. These materials may cause fire and burn after being damp. Therefore, consumers should pay more attention to whether they have safety grade labels when purchasing Techwear Poncho.

Traditional Techwear Poncho

The poncho we see every day is basically a piece of fabric with an opening on the head to pass through the head. Then it will be equipped with the most basic hat so that it can be waterproof smoothly. Under normal circumstances, fasteners are placed in the middle of the waist to make the poncho fit the body well.

Military Techwear Poncho

Military Techwear Poncho can be traced back to the 17th century, when the United States was still at war. It was born by applying a waterproof material to a piece of fabric to facilitate marching on rainy nights. Over time, the Military Techwear Poncho has undergone many transformations and has become so popular with soldiers that it has become one of the standard accessories for U.S. field troops today.

The Military Techwear Poncho is versatile enough to have a place in both outdoor excursions and military activities. Mainly because Poncho is called the second tent in the minds of soldiers.

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